Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a happy list

To make up for a wet, snowy day
(boo for freezing cold puddles and wet feet) here's a list of things that make me a happy girl:

* Tasty new recipes
. Last night, it was this baby from the PW. Easy and yummy - a perfect combination. (thanks to twin for suggesting we try it!)
* Silly spoofs. This blog spoof cracks me up. Try to read it with a straight face, I dare you.
* Sweet friends. Yesterday, my darling girl Ab emailed me this photo, saying that it made her think of me. (Isn't it just the best when a stylish girl compliments you like this?!)
* Long girlfriend breakfasts. I got to have an amazingly good chat with a friend this week over breakfast - such a good way to start the day. (Plus she sent me this hysterical map, which makes me giggle.)
* Haircuts. I adore the way a trip to the salon can make you feel like a goddess.
* Movie nights on the couch. Last night, twin and I watched this again - pure bliss. (And Monday night the bf joined us to watch this one - confusing and weird but still pretty fun. It might have been more about good company & yummy food than the movie, but still great fun.)
* Art. I work with it and live with it, and still want more. Recently found these great paintings (via a blog, where else) and am loving the fresh colors and gorgeous brushstrokes.
* Long mid-week lunches. There's nothing like being stolen from the office for a yummy lunch and relaxing walk around downtown. Totally makes a girl's day.

Okay, your turn. What's making you smile this week?

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