Friday, January 15, 2010


It's finally Friday!

After this busy little week, I'm happy to welcome Friday and the promise of rest this weekend. (I have another crazy long, busy day to get through first, but hey, at least it's coming...)

A few fun links to help speed us through the day:

The most lovely use of old pins & brooches I've ever seen... (glamorous and colorful!)

Nic Cage as Everyone. (this just kills me, and I'm not sure why...)

A devotional-quality post about God as our strength. (her writing never ceases to move me)

Cool YouTube art. (bizarre and interesting - thank goodness for artists to think outside the box!)

Wedding video guaranteed to make you smile! (thanks ab!)

The best (& most stylish!) use of 2 rooms - ever. (I've been swooning over these for weeks now...)

Hope your day is wonderful!

*image via pink wallpaper

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  1. I just saved this pic for that shirt!