Friday, December 11, 2009

taking holy living to the next level...

So a couple living somewhere in England has restored and are living in an old church
(complete with gravestones in the yard).

I think on a Friday, this is just the type of bizarre to get us through to the weekend!

So it seems pretty cool, right? Cute little entry way, big churchy spaces broken up into living sections, pretty white lights hanging from the balconies...what creative and clever people!

Well, let's look a little closer, because this is where it starts feeling a little weird to me...

Yes, not only does their bed hang out in the middle of wide open spaces
(under the watchful eye of some saints, might I add), it's on the former altar of the church!

(I'm not going to go any further with that thought, but if you're anything like me I'm pretty sure there are some jokes just waiting to slip out...)

But the kitchen is cool, and I love this stairwell - especially this light filled landing at the top! Very airy and nice.

Only one other room that sort of throws me for a loop - this bathroom. I'm not sure I'd want to take a bath with that much matter what kind of beautiful light reflects through them!

But finally, this sweet bedroom - probably my favorite in the whole house! I think, if this was my house, I would claim this as my space and spend my time looking out at the stars through my skylight!

Hope your Friday is wonderful!

*images via my most loyal west coast reader - thanks darling!

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