Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a chick flick kind of weekend...

Twin and I finally got to watch The Proposal over the weekend, and in spite of it's totally predictable plot, I really liked it.
(How is it that chick flicks can get away with the least plausible premises and still be fun movies?)

I'm a total Sandra Bullock fan
(minus The Lakehouse - what a lame movie) and definitely loved every second of this scene with the dog and the eagle. There was much giggling on our couch as she ran around the yard after the eagle.

Real surprise of the movie, however, was cutie pie Ryan Reynolds. I thought he was fantastic, and was super impressed with him.

(and he's definitely not too hard to look at either...)

And then, because one movie in a weekend is clearly not enough, we went to the theater to see New Moon with a friend. It was definitely better made than the first movie, and while I thoroughly enjoyed it, there were so many moments where I had to refrain from snarky giggling because of the ridiculous drama.

(Just to put this out there: over-the-top drama, people, doesn't make a movie any better...)

I enjoyed reading the Twilight series, and will likely read them again sometime, but have a little bit of a hard time understanding why everyone gets so caught up in this bizarre romance. Maybe it's just that we all long to be wrapped up in someone so completely and it's appealing to think about someone wanting to protect and love you forever...who knows.

Either way, it was a fun movie.

And wow, I am definitely joining Team Jacob. Not only is he pretty, I just like how genuine and solid he is as a character. I know the romance is all about Bella & Edward, but I'm definitely a Jacob fan.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention this moment in the movie theater. It was awkward and hysterical...all at the same time!

(For some reason it struck me as something that would have happened to Rory Gilmore - does anyone else see that?)

So what have you seen for movies lately?


  1. Um, Blind Side - also with Sandra Bullock - have you seen that? It's AMAZING!!! Definitely has now made my top 5 list of movies ever. Not that I know what the other 4 are, but it's up there :D

    -Amanda 2

  2. No, but I'm going to put it on our Netflix asap! When you come up with the other 4, let me know :)