Saturday, October 31, 2009

trick or treat!

My family was never a huge Halloween family - we lived out in the middle of rural Maine and never really had the neighborhood trick or treating experience. My mom was super creative and resourceful so we always had cool costumes & decorated pumpkins, but we really just showed them off to Grammy & Grampy who lived next door, then drove to a few of the houses on our road to get some candy.

(I'm pretty sure Halloween was the only day a year we saw most of those neighbors, now that I think about it. Weird.)

I do enjoy the fall decorations that seem to culminate at Halloween though. I found these images last week and had a moment where all I wanted to do was go home and carve a pumpkin. Or paint a pumpkin - how cute are those little guys?

And how cool is this pumpkin cooler idea?

It makes me want to throw a fall themed party just so that I can try it!!

And finally, check out these fabulous candy shots...after all, it's not Halloween without the candy!

(Except for those weird health food nuts who give out apples and granola - I always felt so bad for their kids, didn't you?)

If Halloween is your thing, I hope you have a lot of fun!

*design images via a life's design, candy images via pine to the pacific

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