Sunday, July 19, 2009

too marvelous for words...

This. concert. was. amazing.

Not only were Diana Krall & her musicians incredible, the day marked the beginning of my vacation, the arrival of my family for the holiday weekend, and the first day of sunshine in weeks!

We had so much fun as a family, just being together.

And being silly. There was lots of silliness.

For instance this attempt at a family portrait...certainly not our best photo ever, but if only you could know how much we laughed and tried...over and over again!

I'm pretty sure the people around us thought we were ridiculous.

And see these smiles?

Enough said.

The whole night was one of those times when everything happens smoothly and easily.

We got VIP parking right next to the event - and then laughed hysterically at the actual VIPs who we did not fit in with at all.

Our tickets got upgraded, so we got to sit inside and much closer to everything - including some really wacky people.

It was incredible to hear the music live that I listen to so often.

Diana Krall brought a great deal of emotion and personality to the stage, and there are a couple of songs that I still just can't get enough of after hearing her sing them.

It was a lovely night.

Thanks family, for being willing to go along with yet another of my elaborate schemes. I think this one was worth it!

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