Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thank You Netflix

Last week I was sick and confined mostly to bed.

(My bosses told me I was "pathetic" and ordered me to go home and do nothing but sleep.   My roommates didn't want the plague either, and preferred that I stay quarantined in the bedroom.)

I'm not particularly good at staying in bed.  If it's daylight outside, I'd much rather be up and about - doing anything but lying in our tiny bedroom.  But orders are orders, and to be quite honest, I was too tired (and yes, pathetic) to do much else.

It was Netflix that saved the day.  

Not only are there numerous movies available to watch instantly, I have found two of my favorite British television series - "Keeping Up Appearances" and "As Time Goes By."

I've spent hours over the last couple of weeks laughing at Hyacinth's antics, and falling back in love with Jean and Lionel.  The two shows are completely different, but I enjoy both the slapstick, almost painful humor of one and the dry, understated humor of the other.  

Watching them again reminds me of the many Friday nights that our family spent watching these on PBS, and how much we always laughed at them together.  And while they might not be as popular as many television shows now, but they have made this sickie feel much better.  

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